Since it is a brand-new cars, we briefly explain the background: Subaru LEVORG from the 2013 Tokyo Motor Show Subaru LEVORG concept car, although that is a concept car, it is already very close to the production version. Officially sold in Japan in 2014, 2015, landing the European market. Hong Kongs new car priced at 329,800 Hong Kong dollars (about 283,600 yuan.) From the positioning point of view, the new car in the Subaru cars in a similar position with the original Legacy wagon fit TD04L Turbo, body size between the Impreza and Legacy between belonging to a sporty midsize car. From the exterior side, the new car in Subaru cars is also a separate faction, straight body lines more resolute, showing relatively tough style. If cash Impreza, Legacy and LEVORG together, we can see three styles different design, LEVORG who basically see the shadow of the other two cars. Our test drive model adds STI package, the price of 58,000 Hong Kong dollars (about 50,000 yuan), including mesh front grille, blue trim grille, STI front lip version fit VW 2.5 TDI Turbo, rear lip and side panels, STI STI front suspension and stabilizer bars gear head. Body size, LEVORG although from the Impreza platform, but a larger size than the sedan Impreza, Legacy travel than the old version is smaller, at the same level is not easy to find the size and location of similar competitors. Headlights and front grille is the Subaru brand family genes, Eagle Eye headlights for the front adds a lot of "aggressive" visual effect is more aggressive, while the hexagonal front grille LEVORG compared Legacy fit VW 2.5 TDI Turbo Replacement grid area smaller, closer to the forest people style shape.