I dont know why, but theres a random gap in dates.

I did find some drawings on my Hey look these mean something to me / Hey look its unfinished and old / Hey look its unfinished and old and isnt half bad / Hey look I spent six-ever on this shelf, but thats it.

And it turns out it was Aire and Sairos birthday yesterday. Their first drawings dated as the ninth of December, 2012 as well, and I think it would have been drawn about two hours ago, maybe earlier, maybe later, I"m not sure xD

But theyre actually pretty well-loved compared to some of my other charas qoq

I based them off Arisa *1, Servant of Evil and part of a movie I saw like a half hour of one time xD

I did some recording earlier, and I cut off the first two words of the sentence, but I ddidnt want to record it again, so Ill just leave it the way it is, because all the other attempts were like that too qoq

I did all the lyrics to the part of the song in the flip, and it took me over an hour, maybe an hour and a half to do it. o.o But I got it all done, and I plan on working on the flip itself in about twenty minutes time when I have to get off.

Tuff overdosed yesterday. ;-; Shes okay, and shes feeling better, but a little depressed.

Im really glad shes okay though. ;u;

My computers being really annoying D:< Flash player crashed again and it wont let me submit anything to dA.

I gotta go now. uvu


*1:Manga series